The Cornershop by Lucy Sparrow

Can you imagine walking into a store where every single product on the shelve is handmade?

his was quite usual a few hundred years ago, but now in the age of mass production, where everything is created in thousands or even millions of copies it is hard even to imagine such a store.

British artist Lucy Sparrow made that possible for a short period of time.



She had an idea of making everyday items from newspaper to tomato soup cans and candies out of felt. She planned on making an exhibition with the items so she started a kickstarter campaign and raised £10.500. Lucy also got supported from the Arts Council funding and Swizzels sweets. She then restored an abandoned corner shop at 19 Wellington Row in London,  filed it with everyday items from sanitary towels, newspaper, magazines, candy bars all made from felt, and put everything on display for a month.

Everything was for sale but only after the exhibition. She used more than 300 sq meters of felt and with help of her assistent hand made over 4000 items!

Even though Lucy tries not to over analyze her work since everything started out of fun, the idea is very interesting and the message it carries should make us think.  She picked an abandoned corner shop since there are fewer of these every day.

“[The corner shop] is something that’s disappearing with the growth of supermarkets, and the loss of the corner shop has adversely impacted our high streets and communities,” said Sparrow.

“I hoped that this project would remind people just how much the corner shop cemented life in local communities.”

Enjoy in some of her great and creative work.

Share your thoughts on this project in the comments below.

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