Famous logos with hidden symbols

Have you noticed the “hidden” symbols in some of the worlds most famous logos. Surely one of the most popular ones has to be the FedEx logo.


It may not be so obvious at first glance but if you look closely you will notice an arrow between letters “E” and “X”.

Spartan golf club is certainly a good example of a logo with “double meaning”. There is a golfer swinging his golf club and if you squint a bit you will see clearly a spartan head.


World famous Tour de France logo has a hidden cyclist in it. Can you see it?


This one is much harder to see but if you look closely in the white space of the mountain in the Toblerone logo, you will see a dancing bear. The bear is the “canton” of Bern, the birthplace of Toblerone.



Amazon logo designers have smartly implemented an arrow in a shape of a smile going from “A” to “Z” thus referring you can find everything from a to z on amazon.


The NBC logo has one of the best peacock stylization i have ever seen. Truly a masterpiece.


The next two logos show very clever use on negative space in logo design.

the-bronx-zoo-logo-large pittsburgh-zoo-and-ppg-aquarium-logo-large

Since we live in a world full of conspiracy theories and I’ve seen many iconic logos and designs turned upside down, in search for some hidden satanic meaning, subliminal messages and what not. Coca Cola logo is no exception and it has been on conspiracy theorists radar for decades. Recent Coca Cola campaign showed something  only a few people noticed before. A hidden Denmark flag. Since that wasn’t the designers intention once they discovered it they made a promotion with  flags on Denmark’s biggest airport.

Coca-cola-logo Coca-cola-logo1

Allegedly Wendy’s logo has a hidden message in it. Notice the word ”mom” on the girls collar.


a471f39d-132e-419e-8f42-b357f97d7793 separated1

Everybody likes their mom’s cooking (well, most people) so many are saying this is a clever subliminal input with goal to associate the brand with mom’s cooking.

Do you think this was the intention or just a coincidence?



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