Helvetica Hotel Branding project

Can you imagine a hotel inspired by simplicity of one of the most popular typefaces, Helvetica? A Behance project by Albert J. Son  shows this interesting concept.

Idea of the branding is to create a hotel that is not only a young, fun and easy place to stay and relax, but also a up-to-date and trendy landmark that could sell cultures and lifestyles generated by the typeface Helvetica. Essential theme of the branding is based on the visual attributes of the typeface, which is neutral, clean, simple. As it is most beautiful when it is by itself, focus of the overall branding was on keeping everything simple and clean in terms of typography as well as use of colors. While reinterpreting essential hotel products in ‘Helvetica’ way, the brand also introduces bunch of unconventional items in a range of categories.


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As seen on Behance.

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