5 huge mistakes in Logo design you must avoid

Every designer has his own specific routine while working. However there are many designers out there who make some simple mistakes and completely alter the outcome of their work. Here are 5 most common mistakes, and how can you avoid them.

1. Don’t research before you start designing

Everybody in the world perceive things differently. Nobody sees one thing in the same way. If you follow only your first impressions about something and start building up upon that, you are most likely to make a mistake.

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2 most common reasons your design gets rejected by the client

Have you ever designed something you got really excited about and happy with the end result? When design like that comes along, success is certain and the clients acceptance is just a formality, right….? Well…wrong! For whatever reason the client doesn’t see the quality of work, he isn’t convinced and rejects your proposal.  .  . You simply can’t believe that, why isn’t he seeing the quality and all the advantages of such a design!? You may come to think the client is design illiterate and a lot of bad things can come to mind in anger, but that doesn’t change the fact your design is being rejected and you have to create something new from scratch! When such a thing occurs, you have to ask yourself how can i make my client see what i see, and how can i explain him that this design is the best solution for his business. You have to Educate the client! Understanding that we all have different backgrounds and we all perceive things differently is necessary.

Many factors can influence your client to reject your proposal but some of the most common are:

1. Design is not characteristic or specific enough.
2. Your presentation is bad.

Before you start the design process you have to gather as much information as possible about the project and then trim down all the information to essentials. For example if you’re doing a logo for a new bakery, try to dig out as much information about the baking business in general and what separates that bakery from others. It may seem hard at first, you could be thinking what can stand out in that one specific bakery? They are all the same they make bread, pretzels…etc, right? What is so special about this one?

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Controversial illustrations of famous Heroes

Grégoire GUILLEMIN is a creator behind controversial illustration series of pop icons called ‘Secret Life Of Heroes’. He is showing famous super heroes, mascots and villains in ”unusual” situations common mostly with ordinary people.

There is a book with 100+ of these artworks called ”For your eyes only” available for ordering. More info on Greg’s blog.

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