War posters

Posters are widely used till this day and although they are evolving into all sorts of banners online they still have the same mission, to carry a certain message to inform and influence.

When done properly posters have an enormous power and as history can testify they can be used to convey messages of great importance.

During World War I posters were used as a main weapon of National propaganda, as they were cheap and easy to make, so they were used as main forms of communication.

There was a very interesting exhibit called ”War and Poster” recently in the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade showcasing posters from the period in between 1914-1918 so i am presenting some of the most interesting works from the show.


Заём свободы. Война до победы.- Freedom Loan. War until victory. Russia, 1917, P. Buchkin


Join the Canadian Grenadier Guards. Canada, 1914–1919


Daddy, what did you do in the great war? Great Britain, 1915, Johnson, Riddle & Co


I want you for U.S. Army: nearest recruiting station. USA, 1917, Flagg, James Montgomery


Together we win. USA, 1914–1919, Flagg, James Montgomery


The Hun – His mark – Blot it out with Liberty Bonds. USA, 1917, St. John, James Allen


Die Gefahr des Bolschewismus – Dangers of Bolshevism, Germany, 1919, Feld, Rudi


Lend your five shillings to your country and crush the Germans. Great Britain, 1915, Harrow, Middlesex


Die beste Sparkasse: Kriegsanleihe! – Best savings: war loan!, Germany, 1917, Oppenheim, Louis


8. Kriegsanleihe – 8. war loan, Germany, 1918, Klinger, Julius


Every dollar spent in Canada – Victory Loan – prosperity. Canada, 1918


Light consumes coal – Save light, save coal. USA, 1917, Phillips, Coles


Eat more corn, oats and rye products – … Eat less wheat, meat, … USA, 1917, Britton, L. N


Don’t pitty a disabled man – find him a job. Great Britain, 1914–1919, Abben


Books wanted, for our men ‘in camp and over there’. Take your gifts to the public library. USA, 1914–1919, Falls, C. B. (Charles Buckles)


Many of those were made by famous Artists from that time period, so they present a truly artistic creation, which testifies to the role and great importance of posters as a medium.

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