The man behind ”I want you” poster

Did you ever wonder who is behind some of the most iconic designs, and what made them famous? Is it because their creators did some things in a certain way or just pure luck? That is arguable, but what is certain is that you have to give everything you got while creating, and perhaps someday one of your designs might become the next ”I want you for the US army” poster!


Who is the man behind this incredibly popular representation of ‘Uncle Sam’? His name is James Montgomery Flagg (June 18, 1877 – May 27, 1960)one of the best known American illustrators best known for political posters.


James Montgomery Flagg


He was a painter and an Illustrator with a very successful career. Having his illustrations excepted by famous national magazines from the age of 12, he continued studying and creating until he become one of the most famous and the highest paid magazine illustrators in America.







The inspiration for his most famous poster came from the British military poster Lord Kitchener Wants You” by Alfred Leete.


”Lord Kitchener Wants You”

However the motives, presentation, colors, patriotic images and messages used by Flagg place his work in a class for itself.

What is interesting to me also is the analysis of his other work.



Most of his work is so driven and patriotic you could compare it to some of the great masters like Delacroix and his Liberty Leading the People


Liberty Leading the People

There are Us flags or motives everywhere, with strong motivational messages telling the observer to take action for the ”greater good”.


M28269-16 001


The passion and firm belief in the messages conveyed trough the artwork are undeniable, and unfortunately in this day of age is rarely, if at all, seen in commercial work.


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