MIT Media Lab identity Redesign

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is holy ground not just for scientists and engineers, but for graphic designers as well. In the sixties, designers like Jacqueline Casey, Dietmar Winkler, Ralph Coburn and Muriel Cooper adapted the visual forms of European modernism to a lively, particularly American version that marked MIT as a place that balanced rigor and invention. Perhaps nowhere at MIT was that design impulse more pronounced than at the MIT Media Lab, which Cooper co-founded and where she ran the Visual Language Workshop. Nearly 30 years after its founding, the Media Lab has a new visual identity designed by Pentagram.

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Clever Minimalist design

Brilliant book cover and poster design by Liverpool-based designer Rowan Stock.

The hand of Gulliver is intertwined with the hand of a Liliputian for a simple yet effective design.

War and Peace

A cover for ‘Hamlet’, the Joker card doubling as a gravestone to symbolise the deceased jester Yorick, featured in one of the plays most famous scenes.

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