The man behind ”I want you” poster

Did you ever wonder who is behind some of the most iconic designs, and what made them famous? Is it because their creators did some things in a certain way or just pure luck? That is arguable, but what is certain is that you have to give everything you got while creating, and perhaps someday one of your designs might become the next ”I want you for the US army” poster!

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War posters

Posters are widely used till this day and although they are evolving into all sorts of banners online they still have the same mission, to carry a certain message to inform and influence.

When done properly posters have an enormous power and as history can testify they can be used to convey messages of great importance.

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Clever Minimalist design

Brilliant book cover and poster design by Liverpool-based designer Rowan Stock.

The hand of Gulliver is intertwined with the hand of a Liliputian for a simple yet effective design.

War and Peace

A cover for ‘Hamlet’, the Joker card doubling as a gravestone to symbolise the deceased jester Yorick, featured in one of the plays most famous scenes.

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